Episode 5

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1st Jun 2021

Pepper's Podcast - Episode 5 (Feat: Chef Andrew Black)

In the newest installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper is joined by a world-class culinary professional, Chef Andrew Black. A native of Jamaica, Chef Black grew up around constant cooking and fresh food, which ultimately sparked his passion for food. Cooking was always there for him as a gateway and as a way to discover the world.

Today, Chef Black serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Chef for Culinary Edge. This triple-restaurant concept consists of three separate restaurant experiences in one space - La Baguette, Deep Deuce, Black Walnut, and Grey Sweater. Located in Oklahoma City, each restaurant features an array of Chef Black's culinary expertise!

So sit back, relax, and prepare for a mouth-watering episode, featuring wonderful conversations surrounding food, Chef Black's experiences, and why he ultimately chose Oklahoma as his home.


00:08 - Pepper's first meeting with Chef Black when dining at Grey Sweater

01:30 - Chef Black's love for the people of OKC

04:10 - Chef Black's background and upbringing in Jamaica

06:46 - Chef Black is excited to travel and source ingredients from around the world

09:45 - The water tasting experience at Grey Sweater

12:00 - Why the Chef's kitchen isn't closed off from the dining room

19:00 - Where the Chef looks to recruit staff for such a high-level of culinary service

20:48 - A typical day in the life of Chef Black

24:50 - Chef Black's first job in a kitchen

27:00 - How important the people that he met along the way are to him

30:00 - What steps should someone take to work in culinary arts?

32:00 - Pepper taking his family to Grey Sweater

35:30 - Grey Sweater's atmosphere compared to other restaurants

38:00 - The support received from the OKC community during Covid-19 pandemic

40:00 - Closing remarks

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