Episode 7

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2nd Nov 2021

Pepper's Podcast - Episode 7 (Feat: David Pardue)

In the latest installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper welcomes David Pardue, a close friend and practicing attorney for nearly 50 years, to discuss his monumental career in law!

David's practice focuses on commercial law, civil litigation, trial and appellate work, energy and natural resources, oil and gas, general business, real estate, construction, and creditor's rights. Throughout his career, David has represented some extremely noteworthy clients and has some truly interesting stories to share.

This Podcast showcases the fact that everyone has a story! Oklahoma has the most fascinating people! Start a conversation with someone you’ve met by asking “tell me everything” and see what happens!


0:06 - Overview on Pepper's relationship to David Pardue

0:36 - David's upbringing in Bristol, Virginia

3:50 - David's family heritage and dynamic

10:30 - His family moving throughout the country and later to Germany

16:04 - David bouncing around to different high schools

20:30 - David's experience going to college at O.U. in the 1960's

27:36 - David's path into joining the Peace Corps after graduating law school

36:04 - How David's experience in the Peace Corps shaped his path forward in life

41:56 - Following his marriage, he came back to Oklahoma to practice law

49:48 - Starting his own practice and what that time in his life was like

55:23 - David's work with civil rights cases and his passion for fairness

1:02:45 - David's law practice beginning to grow sizably

1:09:00 - David's outlook on Oklahoma City as a place to raise children

1:17:31 - "Watch yourself as you talk. Watch yourself as you act."

1:19:20 - David's advice for a teenager in today's world

1:20:55 - Closing remarks

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