Episode 1

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12th Jan 2021

Pepper's Podcast - Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of Pepper's Podcast, we learn more about our star of the show, Pepper DeVaughn. As a personal injury lawyer and partner of an Oklahoma City-based law firm, Pepper understands the value behind community. Through his practice, as well as other personal efforts in the greater Oklahoma City area, he has forged relationships with very enlightening and prominent individuals. It's these same individuals that he plans to bring to your doorstep.

In our first episode, Pepper shares details on his upbringing in Oklahoma, his personal and professional experiences that led him to OKC, and most importantly, what he plans to accomplish with this show moving forward. Each month, Pepper's Podcast will feature a conversation with an Oklahoman who is striving to make their community a better place.

So tune in and listen as Pepper shares his background and vision for the future of this exciting podcast.


00:30 - Pepper moving to Oklahoma City and practicing law

03:30 - Why pepper decided to move into personal injury law practice

06:30 - Pepper establishing his own firm with a partner

08:45 - Why Pepper is so passionate about helping others through his practice

11:00 - What types of accidents his practice focuses on

12:00 - We do what is in the best interest of the client

16:00 - What drew Pepper and his family to Oklahoma City

18:00 - Challenges they encountered when establishing the firm in Oklahoma City

20:30 - People talk and law firms receive reputations

23:00 - Where integrity comes into play with Pepper and his staff

24:45 - How you should be communicating passion

29:45 - What can be expected on Pepper's Podcast moving forward


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About the Podcast

Pepper's Podcast
If you dare, an explosion of life, creativity and passion exists around every corner. Come on!
Pepper's Podcast brings enlightening conversations, featuring some of the most intelligent, respected, and acclaimed Oklahomans, right to your doorstep.

Join Pepper DeVaughn, a personal injury lawyer and partner of an Oklahoma City-based law firm, each month as he explores the wide-array of insightful individuals in the Oklahoma community. Through listening to Pepper's Podcast, we hope you walk away with a new sense of understanding on a given topic, courtesy of an expert in the corresponding field.

Consider Pepper's Podcast to be your backstage pass to some of the most brilliant minds in the midwest. So, what are you waiting for? If you dare, an explosion of life, creativity, and passion exists around every corner. Come join us!