Episode 2

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29th Jan 2021

Pepper's Podcast - Episode 2 (Feat: Brandon Baird)

In the second installment of Pepper's Podcast, we're joined by a childhood friend from Enid, Oklahoma, Brandon Baird. While growing up together, Pepper and Brandon played baseball together and forged a long-lasting relationship.

Despite Pepper eventually veering away from the game, Brandon stuck with baseball. In fact, not only did Brandon find tremendous success at the high school and collegiate levels, he was actually drafted by the Kansas City Royals organization.

Through heartfelt and insightful conversation, Brandon and Pepper explore how athletics provide countless opportunities to learn valuable life lessons. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a great conversation about goal setting, perseverance, and the importance of proper preparation.


01:00 - Introducing Brandon Baird

04:45 - Family played a massive role in Brandon finding success as an athlete

07:30 - How Brandon became the go-to guy in clutch scenarios

11:00 - Team sports are designed for people to overcome difficult circumstances

16:20 - With team sports, you don't have to do it all on your own

19:45 - "People give you 100% of their opinion and you only need 10% of it"

24:45 - The Wiley Stillman story

29:00 - You have to lose before you start to win

35:40 - What it was like for Brandon to play in the College World Series

44:00 - The pressure increases as your success increases

55:00 - You have to put trust in those around you in order to grow

59:00 - Life throws you opportunities and you have to rise to meet them

01:06:00 - It all boils down to preparation


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