Episode 3

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11th Feb 2021

Pepper's Podcast - Episode 3 (Feat: Morgan Hartman)

In the third installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper is joined by a local music star in the Oklahoma City music scene. Morgan Hartman, lead singer of LCG & The X, a predominately female lo-fi rock band, joins Pepper DeVaughn to discuss an array of topics.

First and foremost, Morgan shares her passion for music and advice for other young, aspiring musicians looking to cultivate a career in her field. Additionally, Morgan shares her personal and professional journey to becoming the lead singer of the popular rock group. But aside from playing shows and cultivating records, Morgan has also needed to pivot and focus on other ways to grow her career amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation from one of Oklahoma's finest musicians!


00:17 - Introducing Morgan Hartman

00:50 - How Morgan got started in music professionally

01:45 - Should you risk it or wait?

03:15 - Morgan's first professional gig

05:30 - Why music is her passion

08:00 - Morgan hopes to relate to people through her original songs

09:50 - Morgan's songwriting process and who she writes for

12:00 - How to know when you're done writing and producing a song?

13:30 - Morgan's advice to someone interested in taking a similar path

15:45 - How to get your songs on the air and out for people to hear

17:00 - Making money vs. risky music career

20:30 - Highlights of Morgan's career so far

22:00 - Advice for issues to avoid as a new musician

24:30 - How to tell when someone isn't going to make it as a musician

28:15 - Luck does play a role in finding success

29:50 - What is Morgan's next step?

37:00 - Where LCG & The X will be playing once OKC opens back up

39:30 - Story of Morgan pulling Pepper's daughter up on stage during concert

43:15 - How to find the band and listen to songs online


Facebook - LCG & The X

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